Windsor Municipal Elections 2022

Vote October 24

Current Survey Stats:

Is your Councillor readily available and responsive to your concerns? 2.4 / 10

How happy are you with your current Councillor? 1.6 / 10

How happy are you with the general direction and outlook for Windsor? 1.6 / 10

How would you grade your Mayor? 1.5 / 10

When asked, what can your current Councillor or Mayor do to improve results, the most common response was, “to resign.”

Leading the way

Let’s build a better community together

As builders and manufacturers, we know how to roll up our sleeves and bring dreams to life. We are resourceful, committed and dedicated. Our voices are continuously muted, but Windsorites are speaking up. Here is a sample of the issues your neighbours are concerned about.

Eliminate unfriendly Business policies
Address Speeding
Mayor and Council are ignoring constituent concerns
Address homelessness
Supporting, not punishing our Civil Servants
stop closing community pools like adie knox and gino a. marcus
No wasteful Vanity Projects
Plan better – large buses are on route with few passengers

Do you want to be heard?

Although issues vary within wards, the common thread throughout is a lack of transparency and accountability. Many elected representatives no longer reply to emails, phone calls, nor serve constituents. First and foremost, our greatest issue is the absence of dialogue and co-operation. I am running to ensure that your voice is heard and that our shared goals and interests are preserved and honored. I am here to acknowledge and listen to your concerns, not rebuff them. Across Windsor, the consensus is clear and the concerns are shared. Taxes, water, electricity rates, crime, homelessness, and a lack of accountability are some of the most referenced issues which are routinely ignored, year after year.

Sophia Sevo

Sophia Sevo, Ward 7 Candidate

Where Do I Stand?

Healthcare and Education fall under provincial legislation. Whether you voted PC, Liberal or NDP in the last election, you cast a vote to support the Uni-Party. Although we have limited powers at the municipal level, you can count on me to be your steadfast representative. I will always stand for transparency, accountability and diplomacy.

How did I become involved with politics?

My path began in late 2020, originally dedicated to defend the rights of cancer patients, I am now here to defend transparency and informed consent for all. My advocacy inspired me to run as the Windsor-Tecumseh New Blue Candidate in 2022. Look for my upcoming petition to reform Healthcare.

More Community Support

At every level of government we are suffering from a lack of representative leadership. Real advocates that champion positive change on behalf of their constituents. That needs to change. Open dialogue and cooperation is imperative for progress.

Like many cities across North America, Windsor is suffering from the loss of jobs and morale. Drug use, homelessness, suicide and depression is on the rise. To rise above this, we must re-build with a different kind of connection to one another. We can make simple changes with great impact. Tai- chi in parks, organized bike days, volunteer sponsored workshops. We can build better communities and connections which will reverberate and influence our direction.

Mental Health

Lock downs have adversely affected everyone, especially the young and seniors. We have seen a 24% cognitive decline and a 20 point IQ drop for children aged 0 – 5. Mental Health concerns have grown exponentially since punitive measures were adopted in schools barring children from extra curricular activities and isolating them from their peers.

My position on the new hospital build

Windsor’s population has grown since we closed Grace Hospital. The staffing issues are multi-faceted, and include mandates and the lure of full time jobs with benefits in Detroit.

Windsor has been promised a new hospital for more than 10 years. Despite a decades long staffing shortage, health care professionals were fired due to mandates. We need transparency and open dialogue to address issues such as medical errors and quality of care. The bottom line? We don’t need a new hospital with the same old problems.

Lastly, the new hospital plans call for the same number of beds, with the same staff, not more team members. Who will benefit from this project?


A vote for Sophia Sevo is a vote for a hard working, honest and forthright person. She cares for her community and if elected, will be a strong representative for Ward 7.

Ed Renaud

Previous Mayor, Town Of Tecumseh

As our representative Sophia sets the highest standards. She is known for her unstoppable determination. As our spokesperson she will be “on fire” and dedicated to our best interests.


Material Systems Manager, ISO Auditor, Venture Capitalist

A vote for Sophia is a vote for a conscientious, hard working. down to earth person who will work as your voice in Ward 7 and across the city.

Susan Ellis

Retired, City of Windsor Past Executive Director of Social Services

In a sea of compromised politicians Sophia stands out with integrity. I believe she will serve her community with honesty and transparency.

Neil Vaseleniuck

Proprietor, Sir Richards, Cheers to You

A Huge Thank You to My Volunteer Team

Together we delivered 10,000 flyers in Ward 7

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