The following Q & A was submitted to CBC.

Sophia Sevo, Ward 7


I have been creating custom furniture and marine interiors in Windsor for more than 18 years. I am familiar to many locals as the “Cover Girl” (slipcover), after appearing in several Windsor Star features.

Where do you live:

I am a first generation Canadian, born and raised in Windsor. After graduating and working for many years in the Montreal garment industry I returned to Windsor.


Having worked in both the public and private sector, one of my most cherished experiences was working with children. As a coach and program co-coordinator, I re-built a gymnastics program for the City of Windsor. In doing so, I also inspired and empowered children to thrive, flourish, focus and achieve.


Although issues vary within wards, the common thread throughout is a lack of transparency and accountability. Many elected representatives no longer reply to emails, phone calls, nor serve constituents. First and foremost, our greatest issue is the absence of dialogue and co-operation. I am running to ensure that your voice is heard and that our shared goals and interests are preserved and honored. I am here to acknowledge and listen to your concerns, not rebuff them. Across Windsor, the consensus is clear and the concerns are shared. Taxes, water and electricity rates, crime, homelessness, and a lack of accountability are some of the most referenced issues which are routinely ignored, year after year.

Why are you the right person:

I am a diligent, hard worker and I always follow through.

Something you would like voters to know:

I represented Windsor-Tecumseh in the last provincial election as a New Blue Candidate. Now, as before, I am not running as a politician, but as your advocate.

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