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Parents. You Should Know.

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Friends of Adie Knox

The Ward 7 Candidates gathered tonight for an opportunity to introduce ourselves and present our platforms. All five Ward 7 Candidates were in attendance. Myself, Angelo Marignani, Greg Lemay, Jeewan Gill and Sydney Brouillard-Coyle. Below is my introduction. My name is sophia sevo, I am running as a Ward 7 Candidate. My platform is simple, my intentions are earnest. I am not standing here before you to speak of grandiose downtown canopies or other fantastical projects. I believe, as many others do, that the biggest issue we are all suffering from is a lack of transparency. In fact, I believe it is a crisis. Under such duress, no relationship would survive, nor any team prosper. Equally so, a community cannot thrive. The core principles of …

Rose City Politics Q & A

1. What is your prior political experience? I ran as the Windsor-Tecumseh New Blue Candidate in the last provincial election. My participation is at the grassroots / volunteer level with New Blue, and includes the site I built at newbluewindsor.ca 2. Why are you running? I have kept my eye on politics for some time, however, I became actively engaged in late 2020 following my mother’s healthcare experience. Although healthcare and education fall under provincial jurisdiction, Councillors and Mayors are in the position to have a greater impact on the “health” of our local community. 3. What do you do currently for a living? My name my ring a bell for some in Windsor as I have been featured in the Windsor Star for my …


The following Q & A was submitted to CBC. Sophia Sevo, Ward 7 Occupation: I have been creating custom furniture and marine interiors in Windsor for more than 18 years. I am familiar to many locals as the “Cover Girl” (slipcover), after appearing in several Windsor Star features. Where do you live: I am a first generation Canadian, born and raised in Windsor. After graduating and working for many years in the Montreal garment industry I returned to Windsor. Experience: Having worked in both the public and private sector, one of my most cherished experiences was working with children. As a coach and program co-coordinator, I re-built a gymnastics program for the City of Windsor. In doing so, I also inspired and empowered children to …

Your Advocate, Not a Politician

I believe we can all agree that change is overdue, but how will we determine a plan of action. Will we seek guidance from televisions, or will we turn to each other, our families, neighbours and communities? We are industrious by nature, builders and planters. Even the ants and the birds. Every one of us has come together respectfully to build a community. In many cities around North America, once bustling, prosperous cities are in decline. The current political parties have presented many fleeting promises in Windsor. We cannot forget that without policy changes, we will not see manufacturing or economic improvements. I graduated the year Nafta was enacted. Within 3-4 months, most Montreal garment factories left for Mexico. Windsor’s automotive sector managed to hold …