Friends of Adie Knox

The Ward 7 Candidates gathered tonight for an opportunity to introduce ourselves and present our platforms. All five Ward 7 Candidates were in attendance. Myself, Angelo Marignani, Greg Lemay, Jeewan Gill and Sydney Brouillard-Coyle. Below is my introduction.

My name is sophia sevo, I am running as a Ward 7 Candidate. My platform is simple, my intentions are earnest. I am not standing here before you to speak of grandiose downtown canopies or other fantastical projects.

I believe, as many others do, that the biggest issue we are all suffering from is a lack of transparency. In fact, I believe it is a crisis. Under such duress, no relationship would survive, nor any team prosper. Equally so, a community cannot thrive.

The core principles of my platform are accountability, transparency and integrity. I am running to ensure that your voice is heard and that our shared goals and interests are preserved and honored. Many elected representatives, across all levels of government, no longer reply to emails, phone calls, nor serve constituents. I am here to acknowledge and listen to your concerns, not rebuff them. It is my promise to you, that I will not only contribute to our community as a Councillor, I will also act as an advocate, an ally and a representative on your behalf.

Across Windsor, the consensus is clear and the concerns are shared. Taxes, water, electricity rates, crime, homelessness and a lack of accountability are some of the most referenced issues which are routinely ignored, year after year.

The feedback I am receiving across Windsor is sobering.

When asked, “Is your Councillor readily available and responsive to your concerns”, the average score is 2.6 / 10

How happy are you with your current Councillor: 1.7

How happy are you with the general direction and outlook for Windsor: 1.9

How would you grade your Mayor: 1.6

When asked, “What can your Councillor and / or Mayor do to improve results”, the most common response was, “resign”.

Windsor is speaking. Who is listening, when will the tides change and who will lead? I am a witness to the effect of NAFTA on the garment industry in NA. Economies decimated as a result have never resurfaced. Together we must act swiftly, not only to serve our wards, but to serve and preserve our City.

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